Making a difference


The ‘Green Book’ initiative, launched by Private Journeys, enables its guests and partners to contribute to a number of community and wildlife-supporting projects, and receive a Green note – Note books handmade by the local Chapter Community Project in Entebbe and Bwindi, from banana leaves recycled by Private Journeys employees.

Green Book donations are apportioned between Trees for Tourism, African Home, and Uganda Wildlife Authority Park Rangers.

Each guest travelling on Private Journey-scheduled guided tours and scheduled guided drive tours in the 2020 season, will contribute towards the Green book initiative. “This allows our customers to know that their clients’ visit to Uganda have made a meaningful difference to our planet, people and wildlife

The full contribution per book goes directly to the project beneficiaries

Uganda Safari Chapter’s most recent partner is the Uganda Conservation Foundation (UCF), with projects benefiting from the initiative including Community development, and Wildlife Conservation.

We believe that engaging communities, schools, and cultural institutions is key to building a sustainable legacy for conservation. This is our conviction that there is a strong link between tourism and conservation.

We work with park adjacent communities to promote wildlife-compatible livelihoods so as to mitigate human and wild life conflicts.

Private Journeys works hard to ensure our trips and tours are of benefit to the environment. We discourage plastics on our tours and therefore provide steel bottles, which are refilled along the trip, and also encourage our travellers to never ever do something touristy with wild animals. Ours is a mission to travel and deal as a sustainable, eco-friendly fair trade agency.