Why Choose Us

Authentic African Safaris

From the thrill of a personal and up-close encounter with the Mountain Gorilla in their natural habitat to the adrenaline-raising experience of white water rafting on the River Nile; from meeting the golden gaze of a lion deep in the wilderness to cruising on lake Victoria on a sundowner;  from conquering the Mountain Rwenzori to sipping on a glass of sparkling wine on one of Uganda’s finest white sand beaches, from playing and feeding the orphaned chimpanzees in their sanctuary to supporting local communities sustain a livelihood and playing your part in conservation of our planet, Uganda is one of the world’s best destinations for private holidays, creative incentive travel, and authentic African Safaris.

We are committed to providing the most professional escorted journeys and Incentive trips in Eastern Africa. Each uniquely planned East African private journey delivers the perfect balance between achieving the anticipated holiday and making the most of the destination’s fantastic attractions.

Our team of professionals, each in their own docket, has a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as a keen focus on our specialized incentive and leisure tour market which enables them to provide our clients with highly personalized attention and services. Private Journeys is one of Uganda’s most established destination Management Companies with more than 12 years of heritage and experience in African Safaris.

Our Passion

We love what we do and try to create an environment where all our staff members feel the same way. We live out our passion to the fullest and find happiness in sharing our beautiful country and hospitality with our customers. We strive to create an experience that surpasses our dreams and expectations.

Authentic Experiences

We believe in keeping it real. We develop honest, sustainable products that tell a great stay, anticipate the needs of the customer benefit and protect the communities and natural environment.